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San Diego, CA+1-858-483-6780
04 - Oct
(Nearby Event: Family)
Where:Mysterious Galaxy Books, 5943 Balboa Avenue, Suite #100, San Diego, California, United States, 92111

David Weber … at his best. A chance to meet old friends: Elisabeth III, Tom Thiesman, Hamish Alexander, Anton Zilwicki, and Honor and Nimitz, among many others; and to make new friends, Fire Watch, Plays with Fire, and More. As the story progresses, David reacquaints us with the villains: The corrupt, colony-crushing, juggernaut war-machine of the Solley Mandarins, the Machiavellian interstellar manipulations of the genetic slave-trading Mesan Alignment and its secret masters, the genetically-enhanced Detweiler clone-clan.

David's last few books were short - for David - and anti-climactic. Not so Uncompromising Honor; it gathers the multiple threads and subplots from prior staging and slowly weaves them into a building crescendo, ending in what can only be described as a David Weber Climax. Mandarin entrenched bureaucratic reflexes and ruthless machinations of the Mesan Alignment drive the plot through heart-stopping but mathematically precise space battles, and galactic-scale intrigue and treachery, to the unexpected but powerful grand climax. The story, however, is not finished; it is ready to go in new, unexpected, and interesting directions that readers must impatiently wait for.  - Guest Reviewer Eric Lowenhaupt

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