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San Diego, CA+1-858-483-6780
02 - Nov
(Nearby Event: Arts & Theater, Family)
Where:June Rubin Art Studio, Liberty Station, 2690 Hist, Decatur Rd, #214 , Barracks 19, upstairs, San Diego, California, United States
Many of us have experienced that feeling I've been here before, perhaps while traveling or in a dream. Ms. Rubin paints "Skull with Marigold" mixed media from a dia de los Muertos altar with huge glitter eyes and buck teeth,  pondering the attraction to that Mexican life. Inspiration came for "June in Italy" after experiencing a deja vu on her trip to southern Italy. Rubin portrays herself as a skeleton amidst the ruins wearing her tourist name tag. Deja Vu is on exhibit for the month of November, 2018
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