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03 - Jun
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Where:Mysterious Galaxy Books, 5943 Balboa Avenue, Suite #100, San Diego, California, United States, 92111

Japanese-American high school senior Kimi Nakamura is supposed to be spending her spring break completing paintings that will cement her continued education at the prestigious Liu art academy. What Kimi's parents don't know is that Kimi hasn't painted in months, dropping her high school Advanced Fine Arts class, and hiding her lack of progress at home by asserting that she's striving to find her artistic point of view. Following her mother's discovery that Kimi's off the predetermined path, Kimi takes advantage of the fortuitously-timed gift of a paid ticket to visit her largely estranged grandparents in Kyoto during the break. While in Kyoto, she has the opportunity to get to know more about her grandparents and Japanese culture and the many ways it differs from Japanese-American culture. There's also a meet cute with a giant mochi mascot, tons of description of delicious food, and a strong supportive girl gang - because this is a Sarah Kuhn novel, after all. A great summertime romance! - Maryelizabeth

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