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San Diego Zoo

Experience Wildlife Adventure at San Diego Zoo, CA

Connect with the wildlife through multiple animal exhibits and thrilling adventure rides at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Housing more than 3,500 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies, the zoo is well known for its lush, naturalistic habitats and unique animal encounters.

Take a ride around the adventure park in the Aerial Tram or watch wildlife documentaries in immersive 4D theatres. Let your kids be free at playgrounds around the Zoo. Dine by the waterfall on treetops at Albert's Restaurant. Get matching jungle apparels for the entire family at merchandize stores in the park.
San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego, California, 92101
Distance from Hotel: 12.23 miles

Hours & Prices

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Events & Activities


  • Kids Programs
  • Inside Look Tours
  • Animals in Action Experience
  • Photo Expeditions


  • Adventure
  • Group Activities
  • Dining
  • Nature Workshops

Are San Diego Zoo and Safari Park the same?

The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are not the same and the Safari Park is NOT in San Diego. It's in Escondido, California, about an hour's drive (30 miles) north of the San Diego Zoo, which is in downtown San Diego.

What are the parking options in San Diego Zoo, CA?

San Diego Zoo has its own parking lot in front of the campus, and it’s free for visitors. They can also use the Balboa Park parking lot, which is also free. The San Diego Safari Park though is a privately owned parking lot and incurs a parking fee. $15 is the fee for general vehicles and $20 for RVs. Overnight parking is not allowed for visitors of either property.